Poof v1.4.0 Release Notes

A handful of usability improvements and a few new passage tag features round out what is mostly and internal upgrade here. The most obvious update for most users will be that the view settings have been moved out of the view menu, making the view menu completely dedicated to switching between the passage, JavaScript, and stylesheet views. The view options are now in their own little settings menu with checkbox-like inputs.

I edited the CSS for tags in the passage card. Tags now also come with a little box displaying their tag color from the Twine 2 editor, and clicking on a tag now performs a filtering operation using that tag, just as if you had used Tools > Filter... and typed in the tag’s name. You can now also clear filters by clicking the so-named button on the top-right of the passage view whenever any filtering is enabled.

I also ironed out a few graphical bugs with how certain combinations of view options interacted and a few other rare and non-critical bugs I found.

Poof also now has official internal support for Chapbook. Chapbook inserts that reference other passages have been added to the parser, and most of its globals have been added to the linter configuration.

In future releases:

I want to improve poof’s accessibility and usability, so some updates regarding that will probably be coming in the future. I also need to stay on top of Chapbook—it’s still in beta, so I intend to keep an eye on it and address any changes I need to on poof’s parser or linter.