Custom Macro Collection v2.6.0 Release Notes

This release includes two new systems and a few other updates.

The <<popover>> Macro

Creates an “popover” overlay to display text images, or anything else, really. Can be set up to close on click, to be opaque or transparent, and a few other options.

The <<preload>> Macro

A macro for preloading image assets.

The CMFSC2 Demo Source Code

The source code for the demo file is now publicly available at this repo.

Other Updates

Some of these updates were made over the course of the v2.5.x series.

  • Added some new methods to the cycle macro set to help check the current phase more easily.
  • Made some alterations to the build process of the custom macro set, including switching from uglify to terser for minification.
  • Several improvements to the pronoun template set, many of which were made at the suggestion, and with the help, of AcademyOfFetishes.
  • Retired the fullscreen macro set in favor of the built-in API included in SugarCube 2 as of v2.31.0.
  • Added a synthetic event, :import, for when the import process ends (successfully or otherwise) in the import/export macro set.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.