Poof v1.1.0 Release Notes

Poof v1.1.0 is now out. To use the new version, simply reinstall it from the CDN, or download the file from the same.

This version makes only a few critical but small changes to some of the export options.

First, the PDF export has been simplified. It now requires an Internet connection on first use to cache the scripts used, but the format file has been made significantly smaller (from ~580KB down to ~170KB) Additionally, the PDF export will now no longer generate a blank file on large stories.

The Twee exporter has also been rewritten to respect sort and filter options, so the resulting Twee file is now representive of what’s on screen, not what’s in the data chunk.

The trade-off is that both of these export options now take longer and use more resources, but I believe the benefits largely outweigh the heftier performance.

In future releases:

As always I’ll be monitoring for bugs and problems. I will probably add some styling options to poof.config for the PDF export, like fonts, font size, and maybe line height and spacing.