HolyLandGame.com is Dead

Long live… meh.

Anyway, when I first started working on Holy Land, and in Twine, I ran my related web presence through the aforementioned site, including my old blog. Since I’ve, shall we say, branched out, I decided to make this website, where I can park all my Twine and coding related stuff.

The only thing that hasn’t transitioned over is my old blog. While its possible for me to get those old posts and put them here, I’ve instead decided to make them available via archives.twinelab.net for now. That link will forward you automatically to the old Holy Land Devlog Blogger site, if you’re interested.

This also means that some old links may stop working. They’ve been fixed on my site and around my GitHub repos, but there isn’t much I can do about elsewhere.

There’s a few major benefits to the changes over to twinelab.net, the new blogging software, and the cleaned up web site here, but that’s for another day.

That’s all I have to say for now; I just wanted to clear up any potential confusion.