Poof v1.0.0 Release Notes

They grow up so fast.

As mentioned in the notes for the last release, I’ve moved poof’s distribution to a CDN to avoid using the bandwidth from my personal site to host it. This has made the URL a little less sexy. For now, I’ve kept the old URL functional, but in a few weeks I’ll deactivate it, so be ready for that.

This release is a bit boring, as there’s no real changes anywhere, other than a migration to Gulp v4 to get rid of an annoying security warning from NPM.

Other than that, the move, and the version bump, this is poof 0.5.1 in every other way.

In future releases:

Poof is going into maintenance mode for the foreseeable future, so expect mostly bug fixes and boring releases for a while, with little in the way of new features or excitement.