Poof v0.5.0 Release Notes

Poof 0.5.0 is here, and poof is now considered feature-complete.

This update adds the following things:

Optional, toggle-able line numbers have been added to all source code output, including passage text, JavaScript, and CSS code. This setting is on by default, but can be toggled in the view menu or defaulted to being off in the poof.config special passage via the setting "lineNumbers". Line numbers can appear in the PDF export based on this setting as well.

The linting feature for JavaScript now reports warnings, but has also been made “format aware”, so global story format variables are not warned about. This should help authors catch misspelled variable names and other issues. Your intended build format can be overridden via poof.config; this is particularly important for CLI compilers like Tweego. You can also greenlight an array of global variables for the linter.

The source code of the project has been refactored. The entire codebase is now faster, more efficient and less redundant.

The build process of the format is now cleaner, faster, and more user-friendly, meaning forks and rebuilds of poof are easier than ever. Developer documentation has also been added.

In future v0.5.x builds:

I will mostly be monitoring for bugs. Some clean-up and internal improvements will be made.

In later versions:

Poof is feature complete to my specifications and desires. Feel free to make additional feature requests, though. God willing, the next version will be a stable v1.0.0 release. This rollout will probably see poof moved to a proper CDN, and only development versions will be hosted via TwineLab, to help save me some bandwidth on my personal site.