Software things I've been working on:


Bard Simulator 2K21

Bard Simulator 2K21

A text-based game where you write free-form poetry as a bard in a fantasy world.

Macros, Scripts, and Systems for Twine

Custom Macro Collection

Custom Macro Collection

A collection of macros and systems for the SugarCube 2 story format of Twine.

Noble Avatars (Abandoned)

Noble Avatars

A player and NPC avatar customization system for SugarCube with open-source artwork.

Harlowe Audio Library

Harlowe Audio Library

An audio library for use with the Harlowe 2 story format of Twine.

Tools for Twine and Tweego



A Twine 2 proofing format.

Tweego Installer


An executable that installs Tweego on Windows operating systems. It installs the appropriate version for your system automatically, and sets the environment variables and can optionally install all the default Twine 2 story formats as well.

Tweego Basic Setup

A blank Tweego project with all the trimmings, like source code minification and linting. Used as a basis for most of my Twine projects.


A node module and CLI package for quickly adding Google analytics to Twine games (and other web apps).

Libraries and NPM Modules


A dice notation parser and dice roller for node and the web.


A fairmath implementation for node and the web.

Poetry Parser

A tool for parsing and serializing poetry from a simple markup format into JSON.

Other Software and Applications


Serious is a framework for building episodic (or serialized) fiction for the web. It takes a number of source files, written in markdown format, and compiles these files into a simple, sructured single-page web app for you to deploy to your webhost.

Serious is available as an NPM package and will eventually be available as a standalone, cross-platform executable (which will be run from the command line).


A Dungeons and Dragons 5e spellbook application.

In Development

Deep Dive

Coming in 2020.

Atlantis has fallen.

Dive, loot, sell, and get to the bottom of the mystery.

Holy Land

Currently in development.

A choice-driven, narrative RPG game with tactical turn-based combat.