I have started accepting donations for my work via Ko-Fi. The money provided via ko-fi should be thought of as "tips" unlike something akin to Patreon--that is, I reserve the right to cancel or stop supporting projects, and donating will not get you any sort of special access to me or my time, or guarantee ongoing support or development for any of my projects. I don't want to come off as sounding like I don't appreciate your donations and support, but I want to be clear in case you think that you can get me to work on a project or provide technical assistance or something by donating. I provide technical assistance to the best of my ability via GitHub issues and a number of the offical and unofficial Twine communities, and will abandon projects or put them on the back burner as needed.

I also recommend thinking carefully about who you donate to. Donating to Tweego/SugarCube developer Thomas Michael Edwards or Twine project lead developer Chris Klimas may be more appropriate, as my work could not exist without theirs, and their commitment to developing free, open-source software has inspired me to release my code for free and without stipulations. There are also other skilled community developers, creators, and writers who accept donations, including people like M.C. DeMarco (Patreon).

Note: If you'd like me to list your Patreon here, shoot me a message.