Poof v1.5.0 Release Notes

This update consists largely of internal improvements geared toward optimizing performance, particularly when proofing large Twine projects. A JSON export feature was also added, along with a few minor UI tweaks to improve consistency across window and screen sizes. Finally, Snowman now has a second major version which adds some additional global functions, so a linting profile for Snowman v2.x was added.

The biggest change that effects users is the new JSON export. For the uninitiated, JSON is a data format that can be imported into various programs and tools. Only passage data is sent. By default, passage source code, tags, pids, and titles are included in the data, but you can optionally include extra metadata, including passage position, size, raw tag data, and passage reference data as understood by poof. You can also elect to pretty print the output file, making it more human readable.

Settings regarding the JSON export have been added to poof.config.

In future releases:

Other than keeping on top of any bugs my optimizations may have caused here, I don’t have any solid plans for right now. I do envision the possibility of a major UI overhaul, but I don’t know what I want that to look like, only that I’m not completely pleased with what we have right now. Changes that drastic may require a version 2.0.0, though, in case people prefer the current interface to whatever I may come up with. If I do make a v2, though, I want to rewrite more than just the UI, and I don’t want to undertake any massive projects on poof for right now, so those ideas are on hold at present.

As always, I’m open to suggestions, ideas, and contributions.